Having been captivated by the simple yet sophisticated art of photography since the age of 8, NapatGunkham began to pursue his one and only dream and managed to establish him self as a well-known wedding and Commercial photographer in Thailand. After spending the entire 4 years, while studying at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University,Bangkok, as a professional event and commercial photographer, he realised that,in order to get a glimpse of the pinnacle of the world of photography, he had to get into fashion. With a strong desire to further his knowledge on the subject and to become a member of the elites, he decided to journey to London.Now, after 3 years in one of the leading cities of fashion, Napat not only has acquired an MA in fashion photography at the University of the Arts London but has also managed to put himself on the map as an up and coming photographer whose works have been featured in i-D Magazine England as well as other fashion magazines including Vogue Italia Photo.

Artist Statement

I see the beauty in-imperfections. Blurriness, off-focus, or a little noise, to me, can add a touch of perfection, individuality and authenticity to a photo. Peter Henry Emerson once said that “the human eyes do not see everything in sharp focus. It focuses selectively, so the camera must do the same.” I could not agree more. I love capturing realistic beauties because I believe that in each and everything, beit a person, an object, or whatever, there is an aspect of beauty to be founded, of course, captured. 

Using Format